With our global network and ever-expanding directory it has made us a sought after resource for private acquisitions. The assets we assist our clients in procuring include:

Private Jets
Luxury Watches
Real Estate
Jet Fuel ( 12 month contracts )

Financing - Residential | Commercial |Humanitarian Projects

At Modern Connoisseur Ltd. it's all about building a relationship with you that will last. Your comfort and satisfaction will always be our number one priority.

Our partners have over 25 years as a mortgage broker, we take pride in doing a superior job in making the real estate process easier and delivering some of the best rates for you.

Some of our partner services include:

    Residential Mortgages
    Home Renovation & Construction Loans

    Secured Lines of Credit and Home Equity Lines
    Debt Consolidations
    Business Financing
    Commercial/Industrial Mortgages
    And more...

If you are seeking funding for a humanitarian project we will discuss with you the requirements necessary to secure 100% funding for your project.


Financial Services

Top Tier Investment Options

Corporate Currency Exchange

Citizenship via Investments - Caribbean

Real Estate Developments for Sale

All interested parties must sign our Non Disclosure Agreement before we discuss any of these transactions further.

Our company has been involved in many important transactions that took place within Europe, Canada and the US. Our network of high net worth individuals and corporations has been influential in making our global reach possible. For all inquiries on items listed above kindly CONTACT US